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Additions and Remodels.
Gramlich Design & Planning has vast experience in remodelling existing homes.  Peter has designed additions for many existing neighborhoods, including Mill style homes on Bend's west side, in the Historic District in Bend and Redmond and in Portland's hills.

Remodel clients typically desire the addition to be of modest scale and in sensitive finish materials in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.  They expect their architect to be able to add requisite square footage in a low-impact manner, and to have a thorough understanding of structural engineering and interior space flow.

West Hills Remodel, Portland:
 Rethinking of a large, century-old Craftsman home with focus on the entry sequence and front porch, and a refurbishing of materials and color palette. 3D model, before and after photos. Completed late 2016.

Baltimore Ave remodel: before, during and after.
Baltimore Ave Remodel, Bend: A 700 SF upper-floor addition done in a manner to respect the existing architecture.  New roof forms reflect existing ones, and the stepped addition retains a low profile appropriate to the neighborhood.  Completed fall 2006.

Riverfront Ave Remodel, Bend: A 1200 SF addition to a small mill home on the river.  Building volume kept low to street so as to be friendly in a neighborhood of 40' wide small lots, and larger to river to orient living spaces to the outdoors.  Completed summer 2008.

NW 12th St Addition, Bend: A cottage received a garage, carport and upper-floor living unit.  Keeping the size and scale secondary to the existing home results in a pleasing, human-scaled visual aesthetic.  Completed spring 2008.

SW 13th St, Redmond: existing conditions SW 13th St, Redmond: sketch 

SW 13th St Addition, Redmond: one of 5 buildings on Redmond's Register of Historic Places, this small 450 SF stone cottage was added onto with the stipulation that the new ridge height remain lower than the existing.  The forms of the cottage were emulated but not mimicked, and the addition creates its own character.  Completed summer 2006.

 SW 13th St, Redmond: construction photo

St Helens Place: existing conditions St. Helens Place: sketch St. Helens Place: finished
St. Helens Place Remodel, Bend: A 550 SF master suite was added atop an existing garage.  The challenge was to avoid compromising the character of the existing home yet to add significant square footage for an extension of the family.  Completed summer 2006.

State St: full exterior and interior remodel State St Remodel: high-quality windows, finishes and details distinguish this Old Town home
State Street Remodel, Bend: The area of the addition totals only 250 SF in the form of 3 protrusions and new gables, but the entire mill cottage was refinished along the way.  A new roof, new siding, new windows and high-quality details and finishes enhance the home.  Completed spring 2005.

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