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P e t e r  G r a m l i c h ,  M .  A r c h . ,  L E E D  A P
Portland and Bend, Oregon                    541.350.2800

Marketing Drawings.
Peter is often asked to do marketing drawings, typically for realtors, builders and developers looking to advertise their projects.  Peter specializes in creating freehand drawings for a stylized, sketchy look which allows the viewer some of their own interpretation.  Peter teaches drawing at Portland Community College, taught drawing classes at Central Oregon Community College for 5 years and does freehand perspectives for all his custom projects.
Shevlin Commons Home: design by others Shevlin Commons Pavilion Building: design by others

Shevlin Commons Home: design by others

Awbrey Village Home: design by othersPennbrook Homes 2034 SF Ranch Series model: design by others

Minnesota Ave Redevelopment Sketch: design by others Evergreen St, Redmond: Adaptive re-use sketch

Broken Top home: design by others

Westside Terrace Cottages marketing sketch: design by others Awbrey Village Home: design by others

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