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Green Design.
Gramlich Design & Planning distinguishes itself through its commitment to eco-conscious, healthy design.  All clients are looking for an energy-efficient, airtight home and should expect knowledge and experience from their architect.  Peter's expertise in ecological building and his experience with alternative construction techniques and materials is paramount to a healthy home.  Peter is an Accredited Professional in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), with a focus on New Construction and Major Renovation.

Peter and his extensive network of builders, consultants and material suppliers form the right team to design your healthy home in a cost-efficient manner.


Downtown Bend High-Performance Home: completed February 2009. Stucco finish, contemporary style 2450 SF home with 8" staggered 2x4 wall construction. The 8:12 pitch south facing roofs feature (4) 7' x 7' evacuated tube solar hot water panels tilted to 65 degrees and (12) flush 39 x 52" Sharp Module photovoltaic panels.  The use of reclaimed wood, deep overhangs to the south and stained concrete slab floors with radiant heating punctuate the high-performance design.

The south facade features solar panels, large glass areas and deep overhangs A variety of roof forms provides dramatic volumes within

Alfalfa home: Rastra Block Wall Construction, completed late 2006. Stucco finish, contemporary style 2400 SF home. Large glass areas, deep overhangs to the south, concrete slab floors with radiant heating, PV panels and 12" Rastra wall construction optimize the design. The central volume allows clerestrory light into the living area. The slab floor is stained in a low-VOC finish and retains warmth collected through the south-facing windows. 

Camp Polk home: the Durisol wall construction provides the healthiest home available Camp Polk home: radiant floor tubing provides an energy-efficient space heating system The Durisol is made from reclaimed wood chips and cement and features rock wool for insulation

Camp Polk home: Durisol Wall Construction, completion early 2007. Stucco finish, English Cottage style 3000 SF home.  The home is constructed entirely of VOC-free materials, uses radiant floor heating, features reclaimed beams for floor framing and employs healthy materials throughout, including cork and bamboo flooring.

The lightweight ICF blocks are aligned for the addition of steel and concrete Excavation problem solved: just build around the boulders!

West Bend home: ICF (insulated concrete form) Wall Construction, completion early 2007. Stucco/stone/cedar finish, Craftsman style 6000 SF home. The ICF is used to retain steep grade, provide basement walls and to support 2 levels of stick framed walls above.  

2x6 framed walls are supported by the ICF below

Awbrey Glen Residence: the Rastra block can form curves and arches Awbrey Glen Residence: finished in stucco, the Rastra material provides an airtight home
Awbrey Glen Home: Rastra Block Wall Construction, completed 2004. Stucco finish, Tuscan style 3100 SF home. The rounded access ramp highlights the flexibility of the material. Radiant floor tubing provides further energy efficiency.


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