G r a m l i c h  D e s i g n  &  P l a n n i n g 



P e t e r  G r a m l i c h ,  M .  A r c h . ,  L E E D  A P
Portland and Bend, Oregon                    541.350.2800

Urban Planning.
Peter brings a wealth of experience in urban planning: in central Oregon his work in this regard has typically manifested itself as high-density housing.  Peter specializes in master plans that offer benefit beyond their immediate context, and which reflect the public's desire for efficient land use.  As a former Bend City Councilor, former member of the Planning Commission and Board member of Bend 2030, Peter hears a great deal of public input on how Oregon should grow, and tries to design to the community's needs.

Gateway access study for north Bend

Concept sketch for potential Bend project

Building volumes are low to the Pioneer Park side and step up toward the parkway

Public spaces create a pedestrian-friendly environment

Mixed-Use complex study: Bend, 2007

Design for 32 small homes on 3 acres on Bends west side, with detached garages and common areas

Density done right provides for a variety of housing choices.

Master Plan Sketch for Roseburg, OR, site

Multi-Housing Concept for College Park Lots 10 and 11 on Bends west side



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