G R A M L I C H  D E S I G N

What’s a design that doesn’t get built?


There’s more to good building than design; construction know-how really matters. Peter understands how buildings go togetherHis projects have been realized using a variety of materials- not just wood framing, but insulated concrete forms, Rastra block and Faswall. He’s steered all his work through permitting and on to construction. 


Peter knows his structural, civil and environmental design. More than enough to manage your project. To collaborate smoothly with all members of the team. And to ensure your design is cost-effective and practical as well as beautiful.







Thermal Comfort

In the Pacific Northwest, insulation matters. You’ll want your designer to know about more than R values. Things like thermal bridging, material properties, construction conventions and best practices.


Where materials transition- that’s where the team has to focus particular attention. Details matter. So does an understanding of building performance.


Does the end product match your vision? It often comes down to materials and finishes. You’ll want your designer to understand that too.